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Majority of the courses at IIT Kanpur require printed reports and assignments at some point. Documents like Income Certificate, Scholarship forms are only available online and need to be printed. And since most of these reports, assignments and forms are completed at the last minute, it is beneficial to know the locations in the campus where printing and photocopying services are available. Most of the hostels have a personal shop offering these services for convenience of the students, nevertheless, there are self-help points in the campus where facilities are available for free.



The Library offers only photocopying facilities. The equipment is located on the ground floor.

CSE Building

The CSE department building (HR Khadim Diwan) has printing free printing facilities. However printing a file is a bit complex, and requires issuing of a sequence of commands for the same. You can refer to the printer section on the page CSE Labs for more details on how to operate the equipment.

Hall 1

Hall 1 has a photocopying-cum-printing shop located at the back, overlooking the PE Ground. This is one of the most reliable points in the campus for printing/photocopying. It is almost always open and functioning. The quality is very good too.

Hall 2

Hall-2 has a photocopying-cum-printing shop located at the backside of the messing facility. It opens at around 10 AM and closes at around 8.30 PM. Binding services are also available here for photocopying large documents. Basic stationary is also available.

Hall 3

Hall 3 also has a shop located at the backside of the messing facility.

Hall 4

Hall 4 also has a photocopying shop located at the backside of the hall.

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