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Prayas Kids (source: IITK)

PRAYAS is an endeavour of IIT Kanpur students, mainly focussed on providing education to the marginalized kids in and around IITK campus, atleast upto the level where they too can dream big. Presently, it is a club under the Presidential Council in the Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur.It's a voluntary service to promote the notion of Education for All as a sustainable means of development.



With the motto Enable and Inspire, PRAYAS aims:

  • To make quality education accessible to those who are deprived of it.
  • To inculcate values and provide moral education to the students.
  • To promote personal development of the students through various co-curricular activities like Music, Sports, Painting, Debates, Dance, Poetry, etc.
  • To create awareness about Health and Social issues and also about the 'Need of Education' among the students.
  • To develop a methodology of teaching that would attract the kids towards Education and prevent Drop-outs.


Prayas came into existence in the year 2001.It all started when a few students from the campus visited a school in an adjoining village, Lodhar - on the Republic Day of 2001. This first interaction with the villagers and the children not only started a never ending relationship, but also made them realize their conditions - so different from theirs. Starting from a humble beginning, with a few enthusiastic volunteers and a small group of students, it was formally adopted by Students' Gymkhana as a club, thus completing the formation of Prayas as it is now.

What do they do?

  • They teach the kids and play with them.
  • They also provide some financial help to really needy students.
  • They have established and maintain a library to feed the interest of the students, and provide a support in their studies as well.
  • The students are taught music in some free time.
  • THey also try to instill in them moral and social values like discipline, punctuality, humane values, while creating awareness among them about the various social problems around them.
  • The volunteers also make trips to the villages, visiting the kids' homes to understand their problems in a better way.

Online Presence

Prayas is very active on facebook and has a website dedicated to it. Followng are the links to it:

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