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Placements are surely one of the most important things for students at IITK. For the same reason, to maintain its quality and interest of students, IITK also takes student placements very seriously. Many academicians would say that the true marker of the quality of a college is the research output. But, for many placement stats are as important if not more. To handle the overall procedures for placements, IITK has a dedicated office named Students'Placement Office. The SPO is responsible for most of the activities related to placements and interns.

Placements, as decided by all IITs, start on the 1st of december. Before that the companies can deliver their pre-placement talks and schedule tests as required. The interviews, however, start only in december. The placement phase however does not have a fixed end date and continues till April. IIT Kanpur follows a strict one person one job policy and any person receiving a job is deregistered from the further process. The placement policy of the SPO can be seen at (

IITK is considered as the 'first stop' for a large number of industries and other organizations for recruiting undergraduate and post-graduate students from the campus. The major companies arriving at IITK are Google, Schlumberger, IBM, American Express, ITC Limited, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Oracle, Tower Research. Firms arriving at IITK offer positions in various sectors like Finance, Core, Non-Core, Oil and Gas, FMCG and Quantitative Analysis among many others. However, there is a huge scope of improvement in the amount of companies arriving and preparation of students.

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