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Physical Education : IIT Kanpur

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Physical education is a Compulsory course for B.Tech and B.S students at IIT Kanpur. This course is offered in the first two semesters. During the course there are numerous sports tournaments conducted for students. Prizes are awarded to Winners at the end of Course. A minimum 75% attendance is necessary to pass this course. IIT Kanpur has excellent Games & Sports facilities to run these courses. Instructors of course organize various games and events(sports tournaments). There are two parts of physical education course : 1.PE 101 :offered in first semester. 2.PE 102 :offered in second semester.

In both parts there are two components :

  • Physical exercise
  • Personality development activities

1.Physical exercise

It is compulsory for first year students. For this, students are divided into sections. Each sections comprises around 35-45 students. This happens twice a week.

For the first semester, it is scheduled at 6:00 AM. An instructor is provided to every section with a given day-wise slot. All students are expected to be present in the ground on time. Students do the exercises guided by instructor for an hour. For the first week Instructor test the physical fitness of students.

For the second semester, it is either scheduled at 6:00 AM or at 6:00 PM. This happens because second semester falls in the winter season, so time changes according to the climate. Sections of all students is same as in the first semester. Second semester includes two things:
1. Physical Exercise: The same exercises are done for about half of semester period guided by instructor.
2. Intramurals: For other half of semester there are various competitions like tug of war, kho-kho, volleyball, basketball etc. among the sections. Winners from both day slot compete with each other to win in both sections. Towards the end of semester, all winners of different competitions are awarded certificates and prizes.

2.Personality development activities

Since all activities have a limited seats so students who want to opt for an activity can give preference. The final allotment of activity will be based on trials of opted games and lottery draw for Yoga, Tae-kwon-do, NCC and NSS.



Games & Sports

Twice in a week , Number of Seats = 344

  • Athletics (Boys & Girls)
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Badminton (Boys & Girls)
  • Basketball (Boys & Girls)
  • Swimming (Boys & Girls)
  • Volleyball (Boys & Girls)
  • Squash (Boys & Girls)
  • Table Tennis (Boys & Girls)
  • Weightlifting
  • Lawn Tennis (Boys & Girls)
  • Cricket
  • Skating (Boys & Girls)
  • Yoga (Boys & Girls) : Twice in a week,Number of Seats = 100
  • Tae-kwon-do (Boys & Girls): Twice in a week, Number of Seats = 80
  • NCC: On Saturday Number of Seats = 270
  • NSS (Boys & Girls) : Number of Seats = 40


Everybody knows the importance of exercise in their life. But most of us neglect it. Students must remain physically fit for good performance in academics and other activities. The soul motive of this course is to make students physically fit and make them realise the importance of regular exercise in their life. The other motive of this course is to prepare students for the prestigious Inter IIT sports meet held every year in the month of December. Many of the students find their sport of interest through intramural organised in the second half of the course and work whole heatedly to be a part of the team. In a nutshell, PE helps in all round development of a person.

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