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Photography Club is an initiative by IIT Kanpur Students and it is one of the most popular club. The Club is involved in capturing each and every event happening in IITK campus and organizing lectures, workshops and talks.



The Photography Club is the oldest club of IIT Kanpur. The club comprises of more than 50 members.The responsibility of covering big events like Antragni, Techkriti, etc. is given to the club. Club constantly works on collecting memories of various events happening in IITK campus.It also conduct workshops and events like photography exhibitions, which are spread throughout the year. Special training is also given to interested students during summers. Club focuses on including latest technology in photography to produce good quality of picture.


Photography Club is the oldest club of IITK, it was established by some enthusiastic students in 1980's. Club has seen its new face from 2005 since various technologies and professional cameras has been added to the club.


All the members of club are campus junta of IITK. All those who are interested in photography are always welcomed by club. Besides the responsibility of smooth functioning of club is given to the coordinators (selected from 3rd year students by experienced members of club ) and secretaries (selected from 2nd year students by the coordinators ) for the tenure of one year. Throughout the year the selected body works in organizing various events of the club.


a) Spectrum: Spectrum is the Films and Media Council festival cum inter-pool competition that celebrates the latest works by people of IIT Kanpur and on the forefront of innovation in film, video and mostly photography. Each year, the festival presents a section of the most compelling and distinctive work.

b) Exhibitions: Photography Club showcases the photos from festivals like Antaragni, Techkriti, Udghosh, etc. and the year long work done by Club members in the form of exhibition.

c)Professional Workshops: Club organizes professional workshops on different types of photography. The workshops are conducted by professional photographers. Lectures, Photo-walks and assignments are part of workshops.



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