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Credits:Ajay Sharma


Greenery at IITK

The nature has blessed the campus with an exceptional green cover that has not only been preserved carefully for past four decades but also developed further through intensive plantation drives every year. The campus has a vast expanse of manicured lawns in important locations such as Academic Area, Auditorium, Visitor's Hostel, Director's Bungalow, Out Reach, VFA, Halls of Residences for Boys and Girls etc.

Credits:Ajay Sharma Credits:Ajay Sharma

NURSERY@IITK - An Introduction

The Institute has one of the finest nurseries in the town that meets the requirements of the campus for seasonal as well as all-season flowers, bushes, hedges and shady trees of all varieties. Handpicked by an experienced staff, the unique stock is displayed in soulful surroundings here.

The aim of the Nursery is simple - to inspire you by offering a unique and wide range of attractive plants.With many years of experience in every aspect of garden design and construction, the team of experienced professionals are dedicated to meeting the needs of a world class campus. As on July 31, 2011 the campus had a total of over 60,000 trees of various varieties that were planted by the nursery.

Credits:Ajay Sharma Credits:Ajay Sharma Credits:Ajay Sharma

History and Establishment

The IIT Kanpur Nursery was established after the formation of the Institute Works Department(IWD), around the year 1975.In the past two decades, it has grown up to be a horticulture hub.

Maintenance and Timings

The role of maintaining the Campus Nursery, which in turn does the wonderful job of enhanching the beauty of the institute, comes under the Institute Works Department.The number of distinct herbs and shrubs planted in the nursery approximates around 250.The Nursery is open to visitors in office hours every day except the Institute Office Holidays.Presently, there are 6 caretakers in the Nursery who work for the horticulture activities taking place in the nursery and around the campus.

Credits:Ajay Sharma Credits:Ajay Sharma

Varieties and Statistics

Every monsoon, about 3000-3200 (approx.) saplings of the various varieties are planted by the horticulture unit at various locations in the campus.


This includes shrubs like Acalypha, Crotons, Hemelia, Kanair, Musandana, Chaandani and many more across the academic area, hostels, open area and residences summing up to a total of over 9,000 as on 31st July 2011. Among the fruits we have in the campus, Mango and Guava are the most planted ones(a total of 2700 and 1700 trees respectively) together with large numbers of mulberry, Indian plum, lemon, blackberry and more than 30 others varieties.

Horticulture and the Flower Show - Our Legacy

Credits: Credits:Ajay Sharma

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Every year, the Nursery organizes the Annual Flower Show. A large number of varieties of flowers are put to display for the visitors who come in hundreds to experience the ultimate pleasure of sight-seeing.

Flower Show 2009 Flower Show 2012

Prizes and Honours

The IIT Kanpur Nursery is a winner of many Horticulture competetions and Flower Shows organized in and around Kanpur in various Agricultural Institutes. It recently bagged the First Prize at the Flower Show organized at the Chandra Shekhar Azad Agriculture Institute, Kanpur where the trophy was presented by Dr. Aziz Qureshi, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Credits:Ajay Sharma

Cactus - The Rare one outside, here in plenty

Credits:Ajay Sharma Credits:Ajay Sharma Credits:Ajay Sharma

The Nursery has planted varieties of cactii that are rare to be seen in the outside world.

Fish Aquarium

Our Nursery also takes care of a small fish aquarium placed outside the nursery office which houses 4-5 different fishes including Goldfish(Orange, Black and White).

Credits:Ajay Sharma
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