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A Look (source: Fb Page New SAC)
Wall Climbing at New SAC (source: Games and Sports Council)



New Student Activities Centre(New SAC) is main centre for all student activies.It provides various facilities to residents of IIT Kanpur including Sports Complex,Open Air Theatre, Offices of Student Gymkhana Representatives,Different Shops etc. It is fully equipped with modern architecture and one of the main attraction at IIT kanpur campus. Residents of IIT Kanpur can access various facilities as per the rules and regulations.


Sports Complex

Sports Complex has high class indoor courts.It opens early in the morning at 6 AM and closes at 11 PM.Anyone who wants to play any indoor game must have non-marking shoes.Reception section also has some non-marking shoes. Which can be taken on the behalf of ID-card. It has a Badminton-Hall which consists of 3 courts. One of them is reserved for CPA students.Anyone wants to play there has to sign in register that's available on reception and can play for an hour in a slot. It has a T.T. Hall which has 8 tables. It has a Squash Hall which consist of 2 courts. One can take squash-racket and ball from reception by showing Institute ID-card. It has a Yoga/Aerobics hall.Anyone who wants to join Yoga classes must get membership.Membership form can be collected from Reception. It has a Billiards-Hall which consists of 7 tables. To play billiards one requires membership. It has a Gymnasium.Anyone who wants to use this facility must get membership. There are 2 slots 7 AM to 8 AM and 6PM to 7PM are reserved for females. Others are open to all.

Open Air Theater

New SAC has an OAT which very nicely structured. More than 2500 people can sit a time during any function. It is mainly used for festivals like Antaragni, Techkriti, Udghosh,Freshers night , inter-hall and intra-hall competitions.Films and Media Council screens movies,matches etc.Games and Sports council held talks with professionals players.

Food Court

There are 3-4 food outlets in the food court.It is open from 10 AM till 4AM in the wee hours. There are a lot of options to try viz. snacks, deserts , rolls, parathas, north indian dishes, etc. It is the best place to rejoice your taste buds which suffer from the monotony of mess food.

Student Clubs and Communities Centers

New SAC has different offices of Student Gymkhana, IIT kanpur. There is a office of an NGO called Prayas which is managed by some students and some faculty members. They teach to many poor children of workers of IIT Kanpur and Nankaari village.

Management Team

It has well organized team headed by chairman, SPEC. Chairman SPEC is a faculty member. It consist of some students members, coaches and other staff members.Further information can be obtained from concerned people.

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