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New core Labs

New Core Lab, as the name suggest, is newly built building having various core labs. The ground floor has Chemistry labs(used in CHM101 course). The second floor has Physics labs(used in PHY101 course) and third floor has computer(linux and windows) labs (used mainly in ESC101 course), Economics and Maths lab. All of these labs contains modern equipments. Its also a relief for freshers as most of their labs are conducted here and they do not have to roam around in Academic Area for their labs.


Chemistry labs

Mainly used for CHM101 course for first years. These labs have variety of chemicals like thiosulfate, EDTA etc. It also has facility for Blue Printing. It also have a very nice security and waste disposal.

Physics Labs

Mainly used for PHY101 course for first years, it has spectroscope, oscilloscope, electron gun and many other fascinating instruments.

Computer Labs

Mainly used for Esc101 course. It has linux lab having 120 desktops with CentOS/Fedora installed on them. This lab has softwares like git, ssh, gcc, vim, emacs etc. for programmers. During placements they serve as perfect spot for coding tests. It also has windows lab. Windows lab has softwares like Autodesk, AutoCAD, Visual Studio etc.


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