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NSS stands for National Service Scheme. NSS IITK is the institute branch of NSS. First year students studying in the institute are offered to work for the NSS as part of their Compulsory Physical Activity.


Working for NSS is an experience in itself, it allows the students to help underpriviledged children living nearby. It is an interesting job and many students are quite excited about working for NSS.

NSS IIT KANPUR conducts many other activities as well such as organising blood donation camps and Shiksha Sopan. It is currently being headed by Physics Professor H.C. Verma. NSS, along with Prayas has been a boon for less fortunate people living in the villages in the vicinity of IIT Kanpur such as Barasirohi, Nankari etc.

NSS work includes setting up labs in the opportunity schools, to checking exam papers for various inter-school competitions conducted by NSS. It can also include making video lectures, and taking one on one mentorship with the students.

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