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Notes on Engineering Research and Development popularly known by the name NERD is an initiative by IIT Kanpur students to share their ideas related to Science and Technology. The organisation is involved in magazine and newspaper publication along with organising lectures, workshops and talks.




Amidst magazines and various newsletters covering cultural activities going on in the campus, need for something dedicated to science and technology was felt. The idea was seriously thought upon in June,2007. By December,2007 work started to cater to this need by publishing a magazine. NERD was first published in June,2008 as a quaterly magazine. The first successful tenure ended on June,2015. The organisation has continued publishing and has tried to expand itself since then.

Content Details

Rather than focusing on Research and Development in general the magazine is inclined towards publishing work done by the campus community. Original experiments, research papers, internship experience etc. find a place in the columns of the magazine. Articles related to topics of general interest or according to demand are also included.

Some pages are dedicated to interviews of famous scientists or professors. Till date the organisation has interviewed renowned people like Dr. Frances Allen, Dr. Leslie Valiant, Dr. David Morrison, Dr. Raman Sundrum, Dr. Martin Chalfie and Dr. Jayant Narlikar.

Other Involvements


Various guest lectures, scope talks and discussion hours are organised by NERD to provide a platform to students so that they can share their innovative ideas. Faculty members from different department also contribute to the club and help in organising lectures and provide guidance to club members.


The club members work really hard for the success of the magazine. Efforts are being made to contact other institutes as well to increase the impact range of the magazine. The target is to make NERD a national level magazine for science and technology.


  • National magazine for science and technology
  • Encouraging experimentation and application through demos
  • Promote research among emerging scholars
  • Spreading awareness about recent advances in science and technology


NERD Website

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