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Music Club is one of the more active and renowned clubs in the IITK fraternity. It is unique in the sense that all aspects of the performances(from composing/song picking to mixing the songs on stage) are managed by the club members. The club hosts a good music system with great acoustics and a sound-proof room. It is managed by coordinators who are third year students. The philosophy of the club pertains to 'learn and teach' through which the members better themselves. The learning process is intrinsic in the sense that there are no special workshops or lessons and the members learn through the picking of songs, jamming and original compositions.


The club in its present structure seems to be formed around 1994. Although before that, the club existed as a group of music enthusiasts.


The club is in Room 215 on the first floor of the New SAC(Sports and Activity Centre). It is the last room on the floor.

Selection Process

The club finds its new members by conducting auditions before the different events. The major auditions are held for the freshers just before the practice for Freshers' Nite. Existing members of the club take these auditions and finalize the selections. Apart from this, auditions are also held before other events like Musical Extravaganza and Acoustic Night and are open to the whole campus community.


Freshers' Nite
The first event of the year, it is the time when the new first year members are inducted into the club. The freshers are prepared by the senior batches of the club to perform in the Freshers' Nite.

Musical Extravaganza
'The Musical Extravaganza' is the bi-annual flagship event where a number of songs are covered and performed by the club. From jazzy to head-bangable numbers; the club covers a huge variety of genres for the same. All the songs are ear picked and the newer members are initiated into this method as well.

Acoustic Night
This event only uses acoustic instruments like the acoustic guitar, piano (on the synth), bass, drums, and perhaps flute/violin etc in addition to vocals. Nothing synthesized, to a large extent. The club also allows solo performers or non-member bands to perform in the event post the auditions.

Other Events
The club also performs in events like Founder's Day celebrations, Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, Freshers' Orientation, etc.

Original Compositions and Competitions

Over the years, the club has produced many compositions via in-club bands like Parivartan and others. In association with the Films and Media Council IITK, the club also provided the musical score and a number of songs to the web series 'Raavayana' and other projects under the banner of 'Hera Pheri Films'.
Apart from this, the club also competes in various cultural festivals like Antaragini(IITK), Mood Indigo(IITB), Rendezvous(IITD) among others.

Practice and Jamming Sessions

The club meets almost on a daily basis throughout the semester. The normal timings for the practice(for event performances) is from 8 to 12 in the evening. The club members also jam on a regular basis apart from the normal practice. It is through such sessions that most original compositions are developed. The newer members are encouraged to join in and slowly incorporated into the other things(OC's, competitions, etc.) the club does.

Videos and other Links

A few links to the videos of previous performances of the Music Club can be found at: Music Club IIT Kanpur.
Original Composition:Jwala.
Other compositions and performances under Parivartan.
Raavayana songs:Billi Song, Palto na, Uljhe Uljhe.
Facebook page Cultural Council IIT Kanpur.
Facebook page Musical Extravaganza, Music Club IIT Kanpur.

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