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In IIT Kanpur, each hostel has its own mess and there are a total of 12 hostels. Each mess has its own menu which is decided by mess-menu committee. Each mess also provides special lunch and dinner, the cost of which gets added in the final monthly bill. Apart from this, special meals are also served on special occasions like Independence Day, Diwali, Id, etc. In mess, special meals are served occasionally for different reasons. It can be classified mainly in three categories.

Daily Special meal

Sometimes students don't like the food provided on a particular day. So there is a possibility that they might not eat. So each mess provides special meals everyday. The cost of extras gets added to the mess final monthly bill.

Special meal on special ocassions

Special meals are also served on special occasions like Diwali, Id, Independence Day, and other festivals. These special meals are funded by Hall Executive Committee and Mess-menu Committee.

Hall special meal

Sometimes Hall Executive Committee members also provide special meals irrespective of any occasion. This is very rare and is only done to encourage the students for General Championship.

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