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Mess Committee : IIT Kanpur



Mess Committee is a student committee on campus which thrives to satisfy the varied tastes and nutritional needs at IIT Kanpur. Every hall has a separate and independent Mess Committee. The committee strives to achieve its goals in the most efficient way possible mainly by incorporating student feedback. The menu is put up on an online platform which eases the process of addressing everybody's issues based on consensus most of the times. A major challenge that comes up for the committee is to fulfill various demands coming from students. Extras have been introduced to meet this problem for which students have to pay in addition of the mess bill. There are three components of Mess Committee : 1.Hall Warden 2.Students of the Hall. (Including Mess Secretary) 3.Mess workers and Mess Administration

Responsibilities of Mess Committee

1. Looking after the Mess accounts
2. Keeping track of and ensuring optimal inventory in accordance with menus.
3. Taking student feedback and improving.
4. Managing dinners during special events or festivals .
2. Checking on the quality of food.

Place of Meetings

Hall conference room


The sole motive of this committee is to make good quality food available to students and make them realise the importance of food availability by encouraging them not to waste food. The other motive of this committee is to break the monotonicity of the menu and introducing new cuisines.

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