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Mental Health Effect

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. People at IIT are very susceptible to stress. The constant expectations of the parents, attending the classes of a subject you never had an interest in just to fulfill the attendance criteria, cut-throat competition in almost everything, all combined take a toll on mental health of students.

Academic Pressure

Exam, quizzes, assignments and projects are the integral and the necessary part of the academics. But still they are also the prime factors that causes mental stress and anxiety. Apart from that there is fierce competition among students in every department. Such high peer pressure directly deteriorates mental heath of students.

Mental stress relieving methods in IITK

The Counselling Service strives to ensure the welfare of the students by providing them emotional, academic and financial assistance.The Service consists of a team of professional counsellors and a dedicated group of student volunteers and faculty advisors working in two primary arms: one concentrates on acclimatizing the freshmen to the new environment, and the other deals with mental health issues of the students.

Psychiatrist visit: Psychiatrists usually visits Health Centre of IIT Kanpur, where any student can approach them and discuss their mental problems.

Movie screening: Film and Media Council (FMC) of IITK entertains its people through movies discussion, reviews and showcasing. The council also organises Montage Film Festival once in a year.

Festivals: IIT Kanpur yearly organize technical, cultural and sports festivals which are ultimate source of recreation for entire IITK community.

Events: Several inter pool competitions like Takneek, Galaxy, Inferno, etc held once in a year in which all students participate with huge team spirit and best effort to keep their pool at the top of the points table.

Yoga Camp: Institute conducts various yoga camps regularly 2-3 times in a year.

Clubs: Clubs at IITK:

These clubs administers various acivities like workshops and competitions which not only give students an opportunity to enhance their skills in their field of interests but also provides them refreshment.

Games: Students also highly indulge in computer games like Counter-Strike, FIFA, Dota-2,etc. and TV series to get some diversion from studies. Student committee also organises competitions on these games which are played on stream.


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