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Welcome to the IIT Kanpur Campus Wiki. Please feel free to correct / edit / add articles to these pages!! Just create an account with your IITK CC id to get started!

The IITK campus occupies a 1055 acre area, 16 km from Kanpur city. Around 7000 students, 410 faculty, and 1000 staff members (and their families) stay on campus.


Topics overview

Contributing here

To get started with Campus Wiki, you first need to create an account. Just click on "create account" on top right corner of page and fill the details. In case you already have an account just login.

Please upload your views on any aspects of campus life that you feel others should know about. The topics marked red are of possible interest. You can either update / re-do any existing article, or create your own.

Articles should be informative to others, and should be correct. Wherever possible, give links and references. In particular, do not give personal opinions. You should try to be as specific as possible, and also cite links whenever you can.

For example, instead of saying "Food at the Hall x canteen is lousy" it may be better if you can say "The residents of Hall 8 in 2013 voted the Aloo Tikki at Hall x canteen as the worst dish on campus."

The wiki language is easy to learn. If you really need to, you can add HTML tags, e.g.
This is <span style="color:red">red</span> text. |2=This is red text.

Please add a "[[Category:...]]" tag at the bottom of any page you create or edit.

Try to cite links that support the points made, wherever possible. Feel free to quote interesting material, but cite all sources. Do not cut and paste without citation - that's plagiarism!!

History of this wiki

Campus wiki is IIT Kanpur's encyclopedia powered by MediaWiki, a collection of various articles on different aspects of IIT Kanpur.Collaborative editing by campus community IIT Kanpur makes Campus wiki possible.This wiki was started as a part of CS300 Course in 2014. Hundred of student contribute as a part of assignment. Currently english is only language supported, may expected support for more languages in future. Satyajit Bhadange played a key role in setting up the wiki. The campus wiki homepage is accessed more than a lakh times.

If you like this wiki, please publicize it on social media and by word of mouth! Feel free to share your edited pages with friends and family... encourage others to become editors ...

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