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MT (Motor Transport)

The most popular roadside joint in the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. MT is the acronym for either 'Motor Transport' or 'Mahendra Telecom' (a shop that once existed).[1]

A very old photo of MT in IIT Kanpur

Morning Tea

After spending the night awake with friends and club members, one can only rely on MT pakodas and chai-jalebis for filling up their tummy. Throughout the campus, all of the shops and food joints are closed during 3AM to 2PM except MT which is most functional in the morning time of 6AM onwards. This is a reason why lots of the campus people love to call MT as Morning Tea rather than its usual meaning. It is a group of small shops that throughout the day cater to the many needs of students, professors, SIS guards, messworkers, office staffs and every type of person you can think of on campus.

What else

MT has a very old temple with a statue of Hanuman. There are some bicycle repair shops, grocery shops, and most importantly pan bhandar which also sells cigarettes, the attraction of senior students throughout the campus.

It is one of the best places in IIT Kanpur. If you have just started your IITK journey then by the time you graduate, MT will make up one of the dearest chapters in your campus life


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