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Departement of Mathematics and Statistics



Mathematics II (MTH 102) is a first year compulsory course for all undergraduate students of IIT Kanpur. The objective of this course is to introduce techniques to solve partial differential equations, and to analyse and manipulate linear algebra properties and operations. This course requires Mathematics I (MTH 101) as a prerequiste which covers many basic mathematical concepts in detail and is conducted by Department of Mathematics and Statistics ,IITK.

Course Content

Evaluation and Weightages

The evaluation scheme is generally as follows -

  • Quizzes (one before midsem and one after)
  • Mid-Semester Examination
  • End-Semester Examination

The weightages are not fixed and depend on the instructor, but roughly can be estimated to Quiz being 20%, Mid Sem being 30%, and End Sem being about 50%.

Class size and Structure

The class strength of this course is approximately 400. It is a 11 credit course with 3 lectures, and a tutorial every week. Tutorials focus on problem solving and serves as doubt-clearing sessions. Doubt clearing sessions can also be conducted on-demand basis. A class of 400 is generally divided into 15-20 sections and for each of those, tutorials are conducted separately.

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