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MT(Motor Transport)


MT is the acronym for 'Motor Transport'. It came into existence in 1962. It is a group of small shops that throughout the day cater to the needs of students, professors, SIS guards, messworkers, office staffs and any other person you can think of on campus. All institute buses going to railway station and other parts of the city originate from here. Fogging in the campus is also carried by MT section.

Tea and Snacks

MT is a haven on campus for the morning wakers and the night-outers. This place is known for its tea and snack stalls which serve hot samosas, jalebis and the special chai. This is also a place where students come for rejuvenation after a hectic night-out. M.T. opens early around 5:00 in the morning , and is the only place you can have food in the campus at that time. In the evening, students returning from labs stop by to eat some snacks. During mid semester and end semester exams it is the favourite place for students to have their morning snacks after a night out.

Temple and Shops

The Hanuman Chalisa chants from the Hanuman temple are soothing even to the non-believers. Moreover this is probably the only place on campus where you can get the smokes, a cobbler to mend your shoes. Various other shops include a fruit seller, cycle maintenance etc. Also there is a barber shop in the back beside cycle repair shop.

Footwear Store

MT also has a footwear store where you can buy cheap foot wears. It is not that popular but is surely a good and cheap shop.


MT is the place in the campus where one can feel the rural life. The sad part is one doesn't find any GH-junta coming here, something which has changed in last year, probably because of the statement it makes. If you have just started your IITK journey then by the time you graduate, MT will make up one of the dearest chapters in your campus life which you will cherish entire life :)

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