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IIT Kanpur is famous for its academics among all institutes of technology. This wiki-page talks about the life of IITK and some of facts relevant to it.


With Great Freedom, comes Great Responsibility

Life at IITK is free. No compulsory attendance policy ( though some profs may have for individual courses), no internet restriction ( except for LAN BAN between 12-6 ) and a very flexible academic system ( availability of majors and minors).
But, freedom is not always advantageous. It has its shortcomings too if not coupled with responsibility. The outlook of the 4/5 year stint here depends upon the balance between the two. It can be depressing or hopeful, boring or exciting , happy or sad, confusing or enlightening. But one thing is for sure, life here is challenging and punishing ( at least the academics is). So,life in IIT Kanpur is what you make it.

Extra-Curricular Activities with Academics

There are a plethora of extra-curricular activities one can engage in - robotics, electronics, photography, dance, drama, music, entrepreneurship, social initiatives, prayas and many more. All have very passionate people and opportunities to learn and grow. You can choose one, many or none. Antaragni, Techkriti (the tech fest) & Megabucks (the entrepreneurship event, later merged with Techkriti), along with the Halls Days and Diwali Events of each hall are the main events of the campus. Apart from that there are sporting events like Udghosh and Josh.

Hall Culture in IITK


Students celebrate their Hall Days, invites their friends, participates and takes the full enjoyment. The Inter-IIT events like Galaxy in which you could be able to see the full enthusiasm of any student.

Udghosh is an Inter-IIT sport event in which all students from all IIT's can participate and show their talent.

Clubs of Every Field

There are so many clubs organized by the students itself. Everyone if free to give any idea related to some changes or some innovation.
Below are some links to different clubs in IITK.

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