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Laptops are an integral part of a student's academic life at IIT Kanpur. Most of the study resources such as assignments, lecture slides, are all available on the intranet, therefore access to a computer is quite necessary. Many students are able to save on the costs of buying books, as online PDF sources are easily available.

First Year Students

First year students are discouraged to bring laptops during the time of their admission, as it is widely considered to be a distraction. It can also hamper a student's integration into the community as the first year is generally utilized by students to explore the various clubs and activities in the campus. Nevertheless, students who are interested in programming and/or engineering softwares, may bring laptops at their own discretion.

Common Applications

Many departments including CSE, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering use softwares such as MATLAB, AutoCAD etc. for their simulation and modelling projects. Hence a reasonably high performance computer is sufficient for such students.

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