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Journalism is an integral part of any diverse intellectual society. The Journalist Society is the umbrella body, which deals with all journalism related issues at IITK. It falls under the ambit of Films and Media Council, Students' Gymkhana. The Journalist Society was established in 2014. The Journalist Society contains of three bodies, Editorial Board, Radio 90.4 and Insight 360.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the most active facet of the Journalist Society. It is responsible for bringing out three publications: Vox Populi Meander Nirvaak Vox Populi is the campus newspaper of IITK. It was established in 2005 as the first source of news for IITK junta, in form of a semi-annual publication. However, management and logistical issues caused it to spiral down to anonymity in 2012. A highly motivated group of journalism enthusiasts have led the revival of Vox Populi in 2014. Along with the publication of a highly successful print edition, the Editorial Board also launched an online portal for Vox Populi. Meander is the literary magazine of IITK. It is composed of literary articles in multiple languages. It has been published regularly for the last decade. Nirvaak is the opinion publication, which has been published intermittently in the last few years.

Radio 90.4

IIT Kanpur is one of very few educational institutions in the country to boast of it’s own radio station. The radio broadcast caters to the need of the neighbouring villages, as well as the campus community. Workshops, competitions and other activities are regularly organized by the radio community.

Insight 360

Insight 360 is the video journalism body of the Journalist Society, founded in 2013 as a standalone hobby group in Films and Media Council. However, after the formation of Journalist Society in early 2014, it was moved under it. The group is fairly active, and brings out webcasts every few weeks. It has been received very well by the campus community.

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