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There are many clubs in IITK and there are lot of fun stuff to do. You just have to get outside your room to experience it. The clubs cater to the wide range of interests and there are almost no pre-requisites for joining and learning in a club. The only thing needed is enthusiasm. After joining IITK, almost all clubs advertise their clubs and go to a great extent in promoting them. There are workshops for each club. You'll surely get to know a lot of people while working in a club. For many, the club is sort of a second family. Joining a club also gives us a chance to explore our creative side and make an impact on everyone. At IITK, there are clubs belonging to various councils like Science and Technology(SnT) Council, Cultural Council, Films and Media Council and Presidential Council. Apart from the clubs, there are also some hobby groups like Rubik's Cube Hobby Group, Card and Board Games etc.


SnT Council

Electronics Club

The clubs here provide an opportunity to explore the world of technology to innovate, learn, create and try out new things and at the same time have loads of fun doing so. This council consists of 8 clubs and also a hobby group named Rubik's Hobby group. All the information related to this council and their can be obtained by clicking here. The council is headed by the SnT General Secretary and he is responsible for coordinating all the clubs and their activities.

Cultural Council

The Cultural Council of the Students’ Gymkhana organizes a plethora of activities throughout the year. With a calendar punctuated by scores of workshops and classes over the year, including the summers, the Council provides the students profuse platforms to pursue various cultural genres, train themselves, perform on stage or just appreciate various cultural arts. The students are also given a chance to hone their skills and compete with other prolific colleges in their cultural festivals. The council gives ample opportunities to the students to cement them into the cultural scene at IIT Kanpur through events like Freshers’ Night and Impressions, and the inter-hall championship Galaxy. The council presently consists of 6 clubs. The council is headed by the General Secretary Cultural Council and he heads and supervises over all activities.

Films and Media Council

The clubs here provide an opportunity for film making, clicking pics, radio jockeying, animation and movie discussion. The council has 6 clubs also a hobby group. The council is very active and screens classic movies for the student community and also good films. This council is headed by the General Secretary, FMC Council.

Presidential Council

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