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Udghosh, the inter-College sports fest of IITK

Sports form an important part of the student life at IIT Kanpur. The Institute organizes Udghosh which is the annual Inter-College sports festival and many other intra-college sports events. Events such as the Fresher's Inferno, Inferno, Josh, Institute Phatta League and many others form an important part of the academic year. To promote the culture of sports, many intra-hall sport events are also organised.



The hall level sports events can be organised by any group of individuals residing in the hall. The HEC(Hall Executive Committee) of the hall actively helps in the organisation and the conduction of these events. The Sports Secretary of the hall is responsible for providing the necessary equipment.


The events are mainly categorized according to the students it is meant for. Some of the events are limited to the freshers only. Other events such as Unmaad in Hall-2 are inter-wing competitions where players from one wing compete against players from another wing of the same hall. These types of events are generally organised by the HEC. Events conducted by the hall individuals usually require the participating teams or individuals to submit a small registration fee.


Competition for computer games such as Fifa are also organised

The events that are organised by the HEC usually involve a number of different sports activities. These include cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, chess and others depending on the availability of the requisite resources. These take place over a week just after the midsems or at the start of a new semester when the students are free from their academic burdens. The competitions other than those organised by the HEC are mostly restricted to a single sport or game and are completed in a single weekend. Computer game events are also organised.


Winners of the Hall 2 Phatta League

The winners of the HEC events are usually awarded a trophy but the best prize are the boasting rights that come with winning any of the inter-wing competitions. Winners of the events conducted by the other members of the hall are awarded some sport equipment or a monetary reward which is collected through the registration fee.

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