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Computer Centre


Computer Centre

It caters to the computational and IT related needs of the academic as well as the residential community of IIT Kanpur. The main facilities provided by the CC are:

  • High performance computing
  • Email facility to all the residents and students
  • Computer labs
  • Various software for specialized research and general use

Intra-Campus Connectivity

IIT Kanpur has an institute-wide 1000 Mbps fibre optic network that connects all the academic departments, hostels, library, and other central facilities to the Computer Centre. The internet is conveniently provided to all the students in their hostels through a local area network connection. Unlimited downloading and surfing is available round the clock.

Proxy Servers

Internet in IITK is available via proxy servers maintained by the Computer Centre. They help in establishing secure connections as the internal IP addresses of students at their hostels are masked and web content is filtered to prevent attacks from the internet.

Super Computer

IIT Kanpur is India's first educational institution to have a supercomputer "Param 10000". Setup on June 3, 2014, it is ranked as the world's 130th supercomputer and fifth in India in terms of performance.

New Core Computer Labs

The New Core Labs in IITK have internet facilities for both the Windows as well as the Linux users. It too has various softwares installed to help the students carry out their academic computing tasks. There are around 300 computers in new core computer labs.

Library Catalogue

All the books, journals and magazines available in the PK Kelkar Library in IITK are indexed and have an online catalogue which can be accessed easily on the main website. It helps the students to search the required books right from their computers.

Email Account

Every student and faculty at IITK is provided with an email account under institute's webmail server for all the purposes.

Personal Web Space

All students are alloted 50 Mb of web space for hosting their personal home pages.


DC++ is managed by the members of the student community, which helps in downloading the necessary stuff in a much faster and secured manner.

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