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Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur is one of the premier institutions established by the Government of India. The aim of the Institute is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide leadership in technological innovation.This page will give you an insight of what other than studies student do here.


Inter-hall Competitions

Every year IIT Kanpur organises Inter-hall competitions in various fields such as Science and Technology, Sports, Films and Media, Environment and Cultural. As these activities are inter-hall so every hall is assigned a pool. There are five pools overall, named Rajputs, Marathas,Veeras, Mauryans and Mughals. There is an intense rivalry among different pools, particularly the first year undergraduate halls, which leads to a fiercely competitive environment in each of the Inter-hall competitions. Competitions are scattered over whole academic year starting from August to April.

1.Takneek (Science and Technology)

Robot developed by students

The Inter-Hall Science and Technology Festival which sees massive participation from the freshmen has various competitions , lecture series, talks and workshops spread throughout the weekend. It is the first platform provided to the new batch to prove their mettle. Various clubs like Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Aeromodelling takes part in this festival.

2.Inferno (Sports)

Winner pool receiving inferno trophy

The Inter Hostel Sports Festival which provides a platform for bringing forward the sporting talent around the campus where students play hard to fight for the glory of their respective halls. Freshers Inferno is a subpart of this festival. Freshers Inferno is exclusively for freshers is also conducted to scout new talent and bring out the enthusiasm in freshmen.

3.Spectrum (Films and Media)

Photo taken during Spectrum

Inter Hall Films and Media festival which held around first week of February. Competitions ranges in various categories like Photography, Animation, Film making, Video Jockeying, Radio, Stop motion, Ad-making and few events only for 1st yearites.

4.Galaxy (Cultural)

Musical performance during Galaxy

This is the most popular inter-hall festival at IIT Kanpur in terms of participation and enthusiasm every pool shows. This event happens in March every year. Activities ranges from Dance, Drama, Literary events, Quiz and Musical. This is the most awaited inter hall festival as it is known that every year Hall 3 wins Galaxy.

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