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Infosec is a group of students in IITK which are interested in cyber security. It is a small hobby group which organises various lectures and events related to cyber security.



Infosec group has following aims:

  • Spread knowledge and awareness about Cyber Security.
  • Encourage students to get participate in various Capture the flag(CTFs) contests.
  • Provide guidance to students to learn various attacks.
  • Get top ranks in ctfs like CSAW.


Infosec conduct many activities throughout the year.

Lecture Series

Infosec group conduct a series of lectures on cyber security during summers. These lecture are focussed on introducing students to security tools and attacks. These lectures are open to all, anybody can go and attend the lectures.


They held some workshops during and summers and during semester also, in which they give an hands on experience on performing attacks on buggy softwares. They give tutorials on important tools and libraries like pwntools, gdb, etc.


Infosec group organizes various CTFs througout the semester. It mainly includes crypto in Takneek, ctf in Techkriti, and also actively participates in other ctfs like DEFCON, ASIS, etc.

Join Us

Anyone who is interested in security can join our team. To join us, use your iitk mail ID to register to our slack group infoseciitk.

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