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IITK Motorsports is a group of highly motivated, passionate and dedicated students who work towards the ultimate goal of building a 'Race-car'. The team comprises of students from a spectrum of different departments and years (i.e. First years to Post Graduates) who are passionate to pursue, explore, learn and gain experience in automotive.

The Club was started back in 2011 by a small group of students with the aim of gaining hands on experience of designing and manufacturing a Formula Student car. The club has grown in the last 6 years and currently stands with a strength of over 80 members and 6 vehicles.


Events & Competitions

IITK Motorsports has been taking part in two types of Student Design competitions.

1. Formula Student

Formula student is an international student design competition. The competition is held in different parts of world independently. It gives students an opportunity of building a formula styled vehicle. The competition comprises of static and dynamic events, where teams thrive to excel and perform better than the other teams. Static events involve design presentations, business logic presentations and a cost report. These are accompanied by a scrutiny of the vehicle which ensures that the vehicle meets the safety standards defined by SAE International. After passing this scrutiny, the teams are allowed to compete in dynamic events, where they take their vehicle to the tracks. Till date, the team has made two formula student vehicles and have taken part in Formula Student Italy 2013 and Formula Student India 2016. The second Formula vehicle made by the team is the lightest formula student vehicle manufactured in India.

2. Baja Student

Pronounced 'baa-ha', Baja Student gives students a chance to make Off-Terrain Vehicles and compete with each other. Baja Student is another design competition organized by SAE International. The students are supposed to build a small off-road vehicle. The Competition Structure is similar to the Formula Student Competition. IITK Motorsports has taken part in Baja Student India 2015 and 2016. The team, received the Best Incoming Team Trophy in its first year and The Best Tech Ready Team award in its second year.

3. Effi-Cycle

Effi-cycle is an intercollegiate design competition where teams have to design and fabricate an energy efficient hybrid human and electric powered three-wheeled vehicle. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, highly engineered and ergonomically designed. The design should be commercially viable as a product and should be attractive to the consumers because of its visual appearance, performance, reliability and ease of operation.


The whole vehicle is an assembly of more than 2000 small parts, each of these parts has their own importance. The team is divided into 5 major subsystems which focus on different aspects and ensure that the assembly is clean and well packaged. The five subsystems are listed below.

1. Aerodynamics

2. Brakes

3. Chassis

4. Power-train

5. Vehicle Dynamics

Be a Part

The Teams usually recruits students towards the end of Autumn semester or during the first month of Spring semester every year. The recruitment process is generally a Technical Test followed by a Personal Interview. There are no specific prerequisites to be a part of the team, But a strong command on Physics and aptitude always helps.


Projects this large need a lot of budget. IITK Motorsports keeps looking for external financial support to reduce the burden on the institute. The team has been sponsored by giants like Tata Steel, Avon Tires, Dassault systems and many other companies in monetary or in-kind form.

External Links

IITK Motorsports can be contacted through their facebook page or through the website

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