How to apply for a passport?

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Passport application has always been a headache for everyone but is becoming easier day by day. The following guide will provide step by step details of application procedure for the students of IITK.

Documents Required

  • Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths.
  • Mark sheet of Class 10
  • Institute ID Card
  • Bonafide certificate from DOSA Office:
    • First of all obtain a bonafide certificate from your hall of residence.
    • Get your application for obtaining a bonafide certificate signed by the head of your department.
    • Submit the application along with the bonafide certificate from your hall at DOSA office.
    • You will get your bonafide certificate within a few days.


  • Registration:
  • Form:
    • Download the form here or fill the form online.
    • Fill your details in the form carefully.
    • Before submitting the form, check weather all the fields are consistent with your certificates.
    • Non ECR Category according to google :

      For passports issued before January 2007, no notation in the passport means ECR. For passports issued in or after January 2007, no notation in the passport means ECNR. If Emigration Check is Required, there will be an endorsement in the passport regarding ECR.

    • Check the application form twice before submission.
    • Submit the form.
  • Appointment:
    • Select your submitted form and select the option of booking an appointment.
    • Select the PSK(Passport Seva Kendra) where you will get your form verified. You can select Kanpur PSK to avoid going out of the city for verification.
    • Select the date on which you would like to schedule your appointment. Choose the date carefully as passport verification is a time consuming process and generally takes up to 4-5 hours at Kanpur PSK.
    • Book an appointment and pay the amount either through online means or generate a challan for submitting the amount in a bank
    • If you have selected the option to receive SMS updates, keep 35 rupees as change when you visit PSK for verification.
  • Verification:
    • Passport Office Verification:
      • Read the instructions carefully before visiting the PSK.
      • Keep all the required documents along with their two photo copies
      • Reach the PSK as per the time mentioned in your appointment letter. You can book a cab or simply take an auto from gate. It will directly drop you to passport office in less than an hour or half.
      • Submit the documents in the counter and take the folder given by them.
      • Wait for your turn for verification. You will have to go to 3 counters to complete your verification process.
    • Police Verification
      • Regularly check your e-mail address provided while applying for the passport for details pertaining to police verification
      • Go to the mentioned room no. of Faculty Building along with the required xerox copies to complete the police verification for your passport.
  • After police verification, your passport will be dispatched to you within a few weeks.
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