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Hostel Allocation

IIT Kanpur has 10 boys' hostels, 2 girls' hostels and one girls' residence tower all together called the 'Halls of Residence. All incoming undergraduate students are allotted in Hall 2, 3, 5 and 10. Do not expect fancy buildings and lavish, luxurious rooms. Rooms are allotted on a twin sharing basis for first and second year students. But in third year every student gets single room in most of halls. In the fourth year all undergraduate students are shifted to either hall 1 or hall 9.You can get more information on hall allocation from following reading Hall Allocation



Every hostel has a separate mess (dining hall), a Computer Room, a TV Room, sports grounds and indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom Board, Chess etc. There's Internet connection in each room in all halls. There are stationery and photocopy shops in each hall. Each hall has a canteen where small treats can be organized.

Rules for Visitors


Parents and friends are not allowed to stay in the hostels without prior permission.There is Visitor's hostel specially for the visitors. For more details visit Visitor's Hostel.

Girls are allowed in Boys Hostels only after entering details in a register kept with the security at the hostel entrance and after depositing their I-Card .There is no restriction on the in-time or out-time for a resident in his/her hostel .

Hall Activities

There are a plenty of activities that go around in the hostel which makes life fun. There are lot of intra hostel events(like Galaxy) and competitions in Sports and Cultural activities take place all year round. Also, a variety of festivals like Holi, Lohri, Jansmashtami, Dusshera, Diwali etc are celebrated in the hostels along with flag hoisting on Republic Day and Independence Day, keeping the atmosphere in the hostels vibrant and full of life all year round. You can visit the official Galaxy website GALAXY

Hall Council

The hostel council is divided into Cultural , Maintenance, Mess and Sports. Each of the council is headed by second year students. The secretaries for each council are elected by the hostel students in a organized election process. All cultural programs and activities are maintained by Cultural Council. All sports events are managed by the Sports Secretary. The Mess secretary looks after mess and canteen while the Maintenance Council ensures proper working of the common areas and the hostel maintenance . Every hostel has a president also who looks over the whole hostel council with a Warden.

Feel like Home


In the hostel juniors can interact with their seniors for academics and other extracurricular things. All the members of hall are like our family members. On the whole hostel life in IIT kanpur is full of fun and give the feeling of home.

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