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Hamara Manch is an association primarily comprised of workers of IIT Kanpur which holds open meetings every Wednesday. Various kinds of workers like those with contractors in construction, sanitation, mess, daily wage workers and self-employed workers – like rickshaw wallas, dhobis, "thela wallas", vendors express their grievances at work. The Manch is also supported by various sections of the campus community who believe in dignified livelihood for all and who want to end labour exploitation of any form.

Hamara Manch came up in 2008 because of several construction related deaths in 2007 within the campus. Several workers decided to formally complain against the non-payment of legal wages. This led to a prolonged confrontation with the institute and eventual firing of the concerned workers. However the workers, supported by concerned campus community members, resorted to meeting regularly with an agenda to at least discuss their issues. These meetings took the form of an open platform to address work-related issues and led to the formation of Hamara Manch.

The group since its initiation has meticulously documented and raised various issues related to labour. Faculty members, part of this forum, moderate discussions, document accidents, deaths, arbitrary punishments and discuss how to take appropriate steps to resolve the problems. The forum also pursues provision of basic amenities and reinstatement against arbitrary dismissals.

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