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Students performing during Hall Day (source:-google)
In IIT Kanpur, extra curricular activities gain equal importance as academics. And for that purpose all the eleven halls have their own Hall Days when hall residents from each hall come forward to showcase their own talents mixed up with their innovative ideas to make people enjoy that particular evening to the fullest.


Among the celebrations that are done in IIT Kanpur, one of the most glorious and pompous celebration is HALL DAY celebration which involves each resident of a hall either directly through cultural activities or indirectly as a spectator. Students from other halls as well as professors are invited to enjoy that evening. It gives an opportunity to every hall to showcase their hidden talents. Each Hall Day has its own name. For example Hall Day of Hall-X is named "JALSHA".


There is no doubt that students at IIT Kanpur are good in the field of academics. But besides this, students should pay an equal importance to develop their personality through extra curricular activities. Hall day thus gives a brilliant opportunity to students to learn something new other than academics and to showcase their hidden talents. Students who feel shy to perform in front of a crowd, learn to open up themselves through Hall Day celebrations. Apart form these things, Hall Day aims at selecting students for inter hall cultural event, GALAXY which is usually held towards the end of March.


Decoration of Hall Day (source:-fb account of Rishabh Sahu)
Usually every hall follows a more or less the same routine during its Hall Day.
  • Cultural programs
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Dramatics
  • Award ceremony to ex-HEC members
  • Dinner

Students also prepare a backdrop portraying the theme of their HaLL Day. In a nutshell, almost every sphere of cultural activities are given equal importance.

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