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Hall Executive Committee

Every hall at IIT Kanpur is run by a hall level committee which comprises of residents of that hall and 3 wardens. Student are elected via popular vote to this committee and the term of each student HEC member lasts for one academic year.



Management of hall resources

The HEC members can decide to procure new equipment for the hall residents. They also have a responsibility to ensure that no individual misuses any hall property and defaulters are fined appropriately. The president can levy a maximum fine of 5000 Rupees. It is the duty of each member to ensure that various departments such as maintenance, mess, accounts and hall office work efficiently and that no student neither faces any problem nor create any, and the administrative services continue to run smoothly.

Formulation of rules and regulations

In IIT Kanpur, each hall enjoys full autonomy and can formulate its own set of rules. These rules have to be passed by the HEC, and the members have to ensure that residents of other halls are aware of them. Each hall has it's own constitution and any amendments to it are notified to the hall residents by the HEC. The rules are often in alignment with the institute policies.

Fraud Detection

Members have to detect overpricing by the mess vendors. They can reject a shipment meant for the mess if they feel that the shipment is overpriced and/or of poor quality. The also have to ensure that no discrepancy appear in the final accounts ledger and are expected to help fellow residents in such scenarios.

Festival Conduction

To promote harmony and interaction among hall residents and maintain a healthy atmosphere in the hall, HEC helps residents organize various hall level events such as Hall-Day, Inter-Wing competitions, Phatta League. The HEC allocates a certain budget for each event and provides for various resources needed by the organizers. HEC members with the help of club members organize various hall-level workshops for hall residents. HEC members also ensure that their hall is aptly represented in various Inter-hall competitions. Though, such commitment regarding Inter-hall and Intra-Hall competitions is common in under-graduate halls, it is absent in other halls because festival conduction is not among the primary responsibilities of the HEC.



President is the leader of the Hall Executive Committee and his primary job is to ensure that every secretary is doing his job efficiently. He plays an important in the committee and it is his responsibility to call HEC and General Body meetings regularly.

Mess Secretary

Mess Secretary is primarily responsible for maintaining the quality of food being prepared in the hostel mess. To ensure active student participation, reduce his burden and address the usual complaints regarding food properly, usually a mess committee is formed by him. The mess committee members decides the Mess menu and ensure that hygiene is maintained in the mess. The mess secretary also supervises the delivery of various substances received from the vendors and ensures that sub-quality are returned back.

Cultural Secretary

Cultural Secretary is responsible for promoting performing arts culture among hall residents. He ensures that various equipment present in the hall are not misused by anyone individual. He helps organize various cultural events in the hall.

Accounts Secretary

Account Secretary ensures transparent billing and maintenance of accounts ledger. He is also responsible for assisting mess accounts and billing section. All the funds allocated by the HEC need to be withdrawn under supervision of Accounts Secretary. He is also responsible for submitting a list of equipment to be procured during his term to the DOSA office, at the beginning of the semester. When the purchases are made, with the help of hall office staff, he is responsible for settling the bills with the vendor.

Maintenance Secretary

Maintenance secretary ensures that all the CoW employees work properly and the hall premises is maintained properly. The various maintenance departments supervised by him are gardening, furniture management, water supply, cycle stand management and general maintenance. He is the person to approach if any complaint is not properly addressed by the authorities.

Sports Secretary

Sports Secretary maintains an inventory of various sports equipment owned by the hall. He may organize various competitions to promote values like team spirit and sportsmanship among hall residents. He, along-with maintenance secretary ensures that all the courts all properly maintained.

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