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Hall of Residence - 9

Hall of Residence 9 is one of the most recent among all the hostels at IIT Kanpur and is situated at south-west zone of IIT Kanpur campus. The hostel has eight blocks : A, B, C, D , E, F ,G and H and each block is a 3 storey building. It has the capacity to hold about 480 students all of them in single rooms. Each room is well spaced, with one almirah, one bed as well as a table and a chair. Fourth Year Under-Graduates and some Post-Graduates reside here. The majority of residents are under-graduate students.

Linear-perspective veiw of the court.


Mess : Hall 9 boasts of one of the best mess services in IIT Kanpur, has a system of cash coupons by which extras can be bought if the main course is not to one's liking.

Canteen : The canteen offers a wide variety of snacks, drinks etc. as well as proper food is available and has an accounting system which notes the pending payments by having a canteen account for every resident, in which dues are noted down. The canteen is open till 3 at night.

Stationary shop : Provides xerox as well as printing services.

General shop : Products which come in daily use such as soaps, shampoo etc. are available here.

Reading room: The reading room, situated near Stationary Shop, provides a good environment for the readers. The room has a good collection of books which can be issued by the residents.

Computer room :The Computer room, situated on the first floor of the central building, has a few computers which can be used by the residents to check mails and other stuff.

Games room :The Games room has two table tennis tables. Students can be seen here often enjoying the game in the evening.

TV room: A wide screen, wall mounted, LCD TV, one of the best luxuries provided, This is the place to catch all the nail biting matches: cricket, football, tennis, No one should miss the experience of watching a nail-biting match with their friends.

Hostel Environment

The rich culture of the hall ensures overall development of its residents, by organising a number of events for the students to get a taste of almost all the activities organised in the institute. Students find their passion and pursue it. With a healthy interaction between the students irrespective of their batches, the barrier among friends and seniors fades away building a strong relationship between the hall residents.The games courtyard is almost always filled with students playing with their friends. If one so wants to spend sometime close to the nature, he could always go to the lush green quad and feed the peacocks roaming there.

Veiw of the Basketball court.
Veiw of wing.
Veiw of E-block.
veiw of walk.
Veiw of the G-block(on the right) and E-block(on the left)..
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