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Hall of Residence 4 (Hall-4) is one of the old hostels at IIT Kanpur. It is situated at center zone of IIT Kanpur campus. This has been since then a residence for Post Graduate students of the institute. The hostel has nine blocks, A, B, C, D, E, E1, F, G and H. Every block is a three storyed building consisting 54 rooms and has a total of 486 rooms. (Link: [1])



Hall 4 provides good mess facilities for the students. The Mess is a large hall that can get 400 students seated at a time. Hall 4 mess serves meals three times each day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also provides a room service facility in certain special cases.

The Mess is managed by a Mess manager and a Mess secretary of a student governing body, i.e. Hall executive committee. The Mess committee works hard to serve the best and tastiest food. The Menu is frequently updated based on public opinion, taking all the diverse cultures present in our country into account. Special menu is served on auspicious days.


This is one of the famous canteens in IITK. Hall 4 canteen at dinner time is one of the most crowded places. It takes generally 25 minutes for getting a normal order served. There are tables all around the quad so that it can accommodate most of the people but still those wouldn't be enough. So people generally occupy lawns.

Reading Room

Hall 4 has an exclusive room for keeping the newspapers, periodicals, magazines, along with some novels, called the Reading Room. This is well furnished and it has comfortable couches, ample chairs and a table for comfortable reading. Many leading national dailies are kept in the reading room for the benefit of the residents.

Generally textbooks and novels donated by the outgoing seniors also fill those large shelves. The room remains open 24 hours a day but one can issue a book only from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The administrative maintenance of the Reading Room comes under Hall executive committee called "Reading room committee" which has it's own elected Chairman.

Stationery Shop

This shop is at the backside of the hall and has all necessary stationery items to fulfill the needs of the residence. This also has a xerox center which opens early in the morning.

TV Room

A wide screen, wall mounted, LCD TV, is housed in the large TV Room of Hall 4. This is the place to watch all the not-to-be-missed matches: cricket, football. The room remains open round the clock and you can drop in any time to watch any channel of choice.

Because of the large crowd at nights(due to hall 4 canteen) most of the not-to-be-missed matches are screened in the quad. No one should miss the experience of eating tasty food of your choice with your friends, sitting on green lawns, watching a nail-biting match.

Sports Facilities

Hall 4 provides sports facilities with well maintained courts and latest equipment. It has Volley ball court, 2 Badminton courts and a basket ball court with the provision of floodlights and a Table Tennis room. This is the only hall that provides Billiards table.

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