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Hall 3 is one of 11 hostels at IIT Kanpur. These hostels are numbered from 1 to 11 and are called "Hall of Residence" or just "Hall". Among all the halls, Hall 3 is one of the oldest hostel in IIT kanpur. It is located almost in the middle of all the halls. Residents of Hall 3 are undergraduate students excluding the final year students. Like all other halls, Hall 3 is full of greenery. It is spanned over 9400 sq. meter area and consists of 7 blocks each of which is having three wings.


  • Sports
    • There is a basketball court, a volleyball court, a table tennis room and a badminton court in the hall.
    • Beside these, there are lots of open space in the hall where students play football and cricket.
  • Study
    • For reading purpose, there is a reading room and a computer room in the hall.
    • Students can also issue books from reading room.
  • Others
    • Services like a Canteen and a TV room which has a 3-D TV are also in the hall.
    • Hall office generally opens from 9 am to 9 pm.
    • There is also an Electronics Club room in the hall.


  • There are many intra-hall competitions which are organised by Hall Executive Committee.
  • Hall residents also participates in various inter-hall competitions.
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