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Hall of Residence 1(Hall-1) for the 4th year B.tech students is the oldest among all the hostels at IIT Kanpur. It has a strategic location at the campus ,nearest to academic area and also very close to (PE)(Physical Education)) ground . Heath Center(HC) is also at a convenient distance from the hostel.The hostel comprises of seven blocks, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Each block is a three storey building consisting 20-24 rooms in each row on every floor. It has a capacity of about 450 students. Each room is properly built and is ameliorated with a proper side balcony, 1 almirah, 1 bed ,1 table and a chair, making it perfect for a single student. (Link: [1]) Hall campus consists of many trees and also green lawns. This provides a sense of relief during summer nights.


Sports Facilities

Hall 1 provides sports facilities for various games like football,cricket,volleyball , badminton, Table tennis etc with proper courts and latest equipments. There is a sports ground at the back of block-A,which is primarly used for playing football and cricket.Volleyball courts are also present between two blocks with proper night lights.


This is the second place after room where students spends most of time at the hall.It provides students with the food stuffs other than mess. Canteen timings are from 2 pm to 2 am. A variety of food items and soft-drinks are available to get over the daily mess items. Other facilities like LCD tv with speakers are also available to get the attention of the sports lover on match days.


Hall 1 mess provides meals to it's residents in three slots.Breakfast timing is from 7:30Am till 9:30Am, Lunch from 12:30Pm to 2:30Pm and Dinner from 7:30Pm to 9:30Pm. Timings are subjected to change during exam times. The mess is a large enough to accommodate all the residents of hall 1. In case of medical emergency ,food items are also delivered to the hostel room and in some cases even to campus Health Center.

The mess menu is decided by the mess administration which comprises of the Mess Manager along with the students elected as mess secretaries by the hall junta. It is based on the popular choices among the hall junta and also considering variety in the menu . New dishes are tried at regular intervals.The quality of the food served is regularly checked by the mess council and it is ensured that all the proceedings regarding the supply and paper works are held out properly without any failure and malpractice.

Extra items served at the mess comprises of ice-creams and fruit juice.There is no compromise in the quality of the eatables.Fruit juice of the seasonal fruits, available at particular time is provided.Cleanliness is taken care of.

All the mess workers are very humble and do their best to serve the students.The mess manager is highly interactive and often talks to students about the quality of food and other issues.

Rooms and Washrooms

Every individual in Hall is alloted a single room. Rooms are properly maintained. Workers clean the rooms weekly.There is no problem of electricity In case of any emergency students are informed before hand through emails about the duration of absence of power supply. Most of the wings in Hall 1 consists of 24 rooms and every block consists of atleast 1 water-cooler which is properly maintained. water quality is regualarly checked and reports are displayed on the hall notice boards.

Washrooms in the hall are no other than in other halls. It is duly cleaned and is properly maintained. In any case of malfunctioning, students can complain and during the next one or two days, issues are mostly solved.

Reading Room

Hall 1 has an separate and well maintained reading room for. keeping the readers busy as it comprises of periodicals, magazines,newspapers and some selected novels. It has comfortable chairs,bean bags ,a split AC(air-conditioner)and a table for comfortable reading.It is opened 24 X 7 except during semester recess and campus festivals.It is maintained by Films and Media Council(FMC) secretary who is the part of student HEC(Hall Executive Committee).

Stationary Shop and Saloon

Located behind the canteen, this shop serves as the medium for providing basic amenities for the residents which not only includes stationery items but also printing and photocopying,sim-cards,previous years question papers of various departments,mobile recharge etc .Hall 1 also contains the saloon which provides services like hair cutting,shaving,massaging and others at a nominal rate.It consists of three chairs and the place is properly designed and is well ventilated.


Unlike other halls,(Hall-1) has a small temple which is well paved is properly constructed.It is washed daily and is kept clean.


Hall 1 has a special significance in the campus,as it's occupied by the 4th year B.tech students and is often termed as "Bhoot Bangla" by the Freshers due to several reasons that is well known among the campus junta.

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