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HEC or the Hall Executive Committee is the student elected body at hostel level in IIT-Kanpur. It is concerned with the general maintenance of the hall and each hostel has its own HEC. The HEC consists of its Wardens( usually 3) and a student elected body, though the student body itself is popularly known as the HEC.

The HEC enjoys an utmost power when it comes to governance in the hostel. All hostel polices are under the HEC; in-short, HEC is the 'Government of the Hostel'.




The chairperson of an HEC is its Warden in Charge, who acts like its executive. All budgetary sanctions, proposals, major hall development plans in principle, cannot be ratified without his consent. Besides, usually there is a 1)Maintenance Warden and a 2)Mess Warden, the respective nominal heads of the respective departments.

Student Body

The student is headed by the President, the head/convener of meetings and a representative of the hostel affairs in the institute level.

In importance, after him, come the Maintenance and Mess secretaries (generally 2 each). The maintenance secretaries manage issues such as electricity, cleanliness, construction and other maintenance related problems. The mess secretaries have responsibilities covering the mess as well as canteen in some cases. There are Cultural, Films and Media Sports and Science and Technology Secretaries who apart from equipment maintenance, are concerned with development of Cultural, Sports and Scientific growth of the residents. Next come the RR and CC and Accounts Secretaries. The former is required to manage and maintain the bills and prepare and assess the budgets. All transactions are done via him in principle. The RR & CC secretary is entrusted with the Reading Room and the Computer Centre of the hostel. Usually, there can be a Webmaster/Guest Room secretary as per the requirements of the body.


The student body of the HEC is elected annually before the end of the spring semester by elections. If some posts remain vacant, then it is the responsibility of the current elected HEC to nominate suitable residents before the beginning of the tenure( the next semester). The Wardens usually have a term of 2-3 years and are nominated by the DOSA.


The HEC can meet as frequently as possible to decide the policies and expenditures for the hostel. Usually, it first prepares the annual budget and calendar, to plan the activities it can perform. In timely manner, it communicates with wardens, hostel members to plan new polices and expenditures. The HEC's work ranges from investing into new facilities, repairing of damaged/broken hostel equipment and conducting regular affairs in a more efficient manner. An important job of the HEC is to communicate with the Gymkhana and represent the interests of the hostel in the Council of Student's Hostel Affairs (COSHA) meetings. Usually, it is represented by the President and a Mess Secretary in such meetings.

Another important part of its functions is to ensure a overall growth of a hostel residents, in a broader perspective. Apart from the responsibilities mentioned above, it is the HEC which takes responsibility in hostel events. These events range from inter-hall competitive events to festive events such as the 'Hall-Day' and gathering on/before general holidays like Independence Day, Holi, Diwali etc. Also, specific ceremonies like tribute to HEC's, wardens or any respectable hostel employee are also organized by the HEC.

In Undergraduate hostels, the role of HEC in inter-hall events is magnified. The HEC is entrusted with motivating and increasing the participants and also managing and planning each event. Another important role in this regard is to ensure availability of resources required in this process.

Some initiatives/examples of tasks done by the HEC

1) Electricity Bill formulation and collection 2) Switching to Electronic methods in Mess Bill Collection, Complaint Handling and Equipment Borrowing. The paperwork done by the students is decreasing day-by-day. 3) Collaborating with Institute Library and Computer Center for related services. 4) Renovating and maintaining guest-rooms. In-fact, newer methods are employed to generate more funds. 5) Recently, the HEC has played an important in moving to an energy efficient campus by incorporating environment friendly technologies.

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