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H.R.Kadim Diwan Building (source: Vipul Arora - IITK)

The H.R. Kadim Diwan Building is an U-Shaped building that along with Rajeev Motwani building(located behind H.R. Kadim Diwan) houses the Computer Science department at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. It was inaugurated by Prof. Sanjay G. Dhande, (then) Director. I.I.T.K. on 3rd January 2002. The building was made with a generous donation of over Rs. 8 crores($ 1.9 Million) from a distinguished alumnus of IIT Kanpur(Who wants his name to be used sparingly). The building is situated next to the Computer Center. It is a centrally air-conditioned three-storey building with total constructed area of 31,000 square feet. It is internally connected to Rajeev Motwani building.


CSE lab

Located at the ground floor, this is the central lab of the building. The lab can accommodate about 100 users at a time, with a potential to accommodate 10-15 more users with minor modifications. The machines present here are dual-booted with Linux(Debian) and Windows(XP). These machines are only accessible to CSE students. Each student of the department gets a CSE account (generally) at the beginning of their second year, which is required to log into the machines. Three Printers and a scanner are available for use by the students. More details about the lab could be accessed here.

Department Library

Cse department has a small library which opens on monday-friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm(regular office hours). It has a seating arrangement for 10-12 people. It has a rich collection of books, journals and magazines.

CSE Lounge

There is a students lounge with lockers and some furnitures. It is open to students from all the departments and is used for organising various workshops and group discussions.

Classrooms and other facilities

It has three classrooms with capacities of 100, 50, and 40 respectively. The building has been designed to support a maximum faculty size of 28. There are three meeting-cum-discussion rooms. PhD students have their own labs which are shared among 6. Special labs are made for M.Tech students. There are also reserved rooms for research staff and visiting faculty.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is now hosting a mirror of the following Linux distributions:

1.Arch Linux





The repository is located at ftp://mirror.cse.iitk.ac.in. The repository can be used by anyone for installing new systems, updating and upgrading existing systems. It also host an http://rpmfusion.org/ RPMFusion] package repository. Apart from these 4 distributions, it also mirror an Open Access Journal, Theory of Computing which is available here.

Building Plans

The building plans can be found at the following links: First Floor Second FLoor Third FLoor

Google Map link - H.R. Kadim Diwan Building

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