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The month of July marks the entry of fresh students in the campus. All of them being excited and optimistic beyond measure. With many expectations and dreams regarding their stay at IITK, they start their own journey in the campus. Time passes, and slowly the excitement dies down, not due to the lack of opportunities to shine but rather due to the abundance of such things. Students tend to get confused and become stuck between choices, thus killing the initial excitement. If you're one of them then there's an easy way to tackle this, it's simply asking the seniors for help.

To those who don't know, seniors are organisms who have successfully adapted to the IITK world and have survived for more than an year in this environment. Consequently, they are well versed with the details of this world and can be incredibly helpful at times. There are some people who believe seniors to be hard core cannibals who devour innocent, fresh and juicy first yearites, but that is just an urban legend, nothing more nothing less. Seniors are actually very friendly creatures who are believed to find joy in helping and guiding freshers. Now it goes without saying that such seniors are the best help a fresher stuck between choices can get. A senior comes free with years of experience and detailed knowledge about pretty much everything in and around the campus. Thus, a fresher in need of any guidance should quickly find a senior and seek help from it. Seniors can be found lurking anywhere doing anything, (**) they could be sleeping in inhabitable messy cubes (called hostel rooms), they could be randomly running around in savannas (called playing fields), they could also be circling around a fellow senior to steal it's meal (generally in canteens). Once a senior is found, the next part for seeking help is simple, put a smile on your face, walk towards it and try talking to it. Almost all seniors will welcome you and will be willing to share all their experiences and knowledge with you. Depending on the senior you find, it might be possible that it might become one of your closest friends.

A senior is great, isn't it? You must be surprised at why haven't you seen such a wonderful creature which is supposed to be found anywhere. How would such a creature who can escape common eyes look like? The answer is simple, they look just like you. You must be wondering how is that possible, but in reality they have always been in front of you. Any guesses? Seniors are actually the second years and third years who have been constantly interacting with you from your entry in IITK. At this point you must be furious for all the false hopes I've given wings to, because the seniors you've encountered have been “interacting” with you in an unimpressive manner. I would advise all those burning with rage to look at their previous encounters in a new light and realize that the seniors never had any evil intentions, it was all in jest and they were interested in becoming friends and knowing more about you. In fact, many students have formed a strong bond with their seniors after such an interaction.

Seniors are extremely wise and helpful individuals and thus I advise all of you to never hesitate in asking for their help. Their experience will surely benefit you and they might also become one of your closest confidants.

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