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This bridge across the river Ganges( or Ganga) lies at Azad Nagar-Nawabganj in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is officially named as Lav Khush Barrage.


Its construction started in 1995 and was inaugurated in May 2000. The barrage runs along 621 m and serves as a four lane Highway Bypass for NH 91. It is one of many tourist attractions here at Kanpur.


It is located at a distance of 11-12 km from IIT Kanpur. One useful means of transport is to catch an autorickshaw or a tempo by the gate of IIT Kanpur taking nearly 25 min to get there. The path taken is not prone to traffic and as the place is not so far away, students also get there by cycling. It would generally take around 40 min to get there this way.

Scenic Beauty

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Everyone is advised to go there atleast once during their stay here at Kanpur. It is highly recommended to go either at the break of dawn or near dusk. The reflection of the sun in water and the sight of the fishing activities gives the scene, a very pleasant and serene aura. There is a convenience store by the bank of the river. After enjoying the scenic view, one may add to his/her pleasure, the taste of a good hot maggi.

Security Concerns

During the rainy season one has to be careful as the water levels rise rapidly due to the opening of the gates. There the arrangements being poor, the area has been prone to some accidents. But in the summers, it is very pleasant.

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