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Galaxy, IIT Kanpur

Galaxy is an inter-hall cultural festival of IIT Kanpur. It is one of the five events of the General Championship(GC) held between UG halls and is one of the most prestigious and glamorous festival among all the competitions.

It bears witness to an eruption of cultural flair and exuberance. Galaxy brings along a surge of enthusiasm and sleepless nights practicing the performances to perfection. The past has seen amazing performances that can top even the national level championships. Galaxy has redefined perfection countless times in its history, tears have been shed, cries of joy have echoed in the campus and benchmarks have been set for the future.

Galaxy usually kicks off in the beginning of the winter semester, featuring a wide range of competitions like Dramatics, Dance, Music, Literary arts, Structures & Fine Arts. It also has some unique competitions like Antakshari and kite flying. The event is conducted by the cultural council, IITK. The event was banned for a few years and again restarted in 2008. Since then, the participation has been quite high from the students.


Organization and Pool Allocation

The organizing team of galaxy consists of three coordinators headed by the General secretary of the Cultural Council, IITK. There are four pools participating in this competition and from 2015 there will be a fifth team representing the female population of the institute called Mastani.

The four pools participating in this competition are:

  1. Mauryans
  2. Mughals
  3. Marathas
  4. Rajputs

Each pool is represented by a pool captain elected by the hall executive committees of the respective halls. He/She is the only point of contact between the participating teams and the Galaxy organizing team.


The preparation for the events starts much before the actual competition. Most of the events are fiercely competed. Some competitions like Dramatics and Dance may require a daily practice of 4-6 hours and hence the level of competition is quite high. Students are informed about the rules of the competition through the HEC of the hall and there are strict penalties for students breaking the rules.

Dance Battle 2015


There is an intense rivalry among all the halls. The trophy is mentioned in the hall anthem of HALL 3- "Galaxy Winner Hall 3". The latest (2015) winners of Galaxy were Hall 3.


  1. '''Dramatics''' has 3 events - Skit, Play and Nukkad and is one of the most intense and toughly fought competitions. The competition goes on for 3 days mostly alternative. The latest(2015) winners were Marathas.
  2. Dance also has 3 events - Group dance, Dance battle and Dance drama. The group dance occurs on the finishing night of the Galaxy. The latest(2015) winners were Mauryans.
  3. '''Music''' has 4 events- Eastern, Western, Pair on Stage and Group Songs.
  4. Fine Arts events include Backdrop, Street Art, Live sketching, Speed Art and Oil Painting.
  5. Quiz events are conducted by Quizzing club, IITK. There are a lots of quizzes on quite a wide range of topics.
  6. '''ELS''' has 5 events - Creative Writing, Dumb Charades, Word Games, JAM(Just a minute) and Mixed Bag
  7. '''HSS''' Events - There are 6 events - Gupchup, Bas Ek pal, Shabdrang, Kirdaar, Kavyanjali, Pratyay
Oil on Canvas by Vatsalya Srivastava (Rajputs)
Backdrop entry from Mughals

There are some miscellaneous events like Galaxy Parade, Kite Flying, Pool Flag, Antakshari. These events are also given very high importance like any other competition. All the events have a certain number of points associated to them and the participants get the points on the basis of there performances. These points finally decide who is the winner.


The event features a plethora of competitions from the field of Dramatics,Dance,Music,Literary events and Fine Arts. The event consists of about 50 events ranging from Group dance to Costume designing. Each event carry points where categories like Dance and Drama weigh the highest with 200 points to categories like ELS and HSS. Each category winner is awarded with a trophy and an overall championship cup is given to the winning pool.Pool Captain help the pools in preparation of events.Overall coordinators and general secretary,Students gymkhana help in the smooth conduction of the events.

Judging Criteria

All the judges are non IITK junta to avoid any sense of bias in the results. Professionals in their respective fields are invited for judging and results are announced just after the event is completed. In case of any problem, a complaint may be registered and this is sorted out in the Students Senate IITK. The matter is discussed and still any problem persists, it is forwarded to the faculty.

Other Rules

  1. Pool Captains shall only launch complaints if any to the Galaxy coordinators during the event
  2. Pool Captain has the right to call a meeting between various Pool Leaders, Hall Captains and the Galaxy Organizing Team if there has been any controversy/complaint during the competitions.
  3. Any interaction of the pool members directly with the judges is strictly prohibited until the results for the event have been announced. Any such interaction with the judges after the score sheets have been submitted will require the approval of the organizing team. Pool found indulging in these activities without permission from the organizing team will be immediately disqualified from the event/competition.
  4. The final points shall be awarded to the pool in all the competitions and not individual team performances, even if there is more than one team per pool. The total points given by judges to the teams of each pool shall be summed up to award the final points of the event except for the events in which the criterion for the total points is mentioned specifically.

Recent Result

  1. Mauryans: 1
  2. Mughals: 2
  3. Marathas: 3
  4. Rajputs: 4

Galaxy is the event which represents the culture of IIT Kanpur at its best. Every year new benchmarks are set and old records are broken and the winners celebrate for their victory.

HEROES NOT BORN, THEY ARE CREATED....................................

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