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Freedom at IITK is unparalleled - be it extra-curriculars or academics.



As far as the academics are concerned, there is considerable liberty to choose the courses of your interest. The wide range of open electives offered give us a flavour of other disciplines as well. The provision of dual-major and minors enables students to pursue their interest in more than one field. Moreover, except for a few courses, most courses have no compulsory attendance.


In terms of extra-curriculars, this is probably the only place where you can find almost every imaginable activity. The innumerable clubs and hobby groups under the Science and Technology, Cultural, Games and Sports and Films and Media Councils organise a plethora of activities round the year giving the students immense opportunity to explore.

Technical events

Science and Technology Council organises the of technical and entrepreneurial activities in programming, electronics, robotics, aeromodelling, astronomy and many more. Major festivals include Techkriti and Takneek.

Electronics.jpg Astronomy.jpg Robotics.jpeg Techkriti.jpg

Cultural events

Cultural Council gives a platform to nurture talent in dance, music, dramatics, fine arts, literature, quizzing. Antaragni is the major event. Workshops and club activities are organised throughout the year.

Antaragni.jpg POTF IITK.JPG Antaragni2.jpeg


A wide range of games from the conventional ones - athletics, basketball, badminton, football, hockey, swimming to the non-conventional ones - shooting, weightlifting and trekking (adventure club). These are organised by the Sports Council.

Volley.jpg Games.jpg Sports.jpg Sp.jpg Parasailing.jpg

Hostel Policy

In contrast to the other colleges, the hostel policies are very lenient. No entry/exit restrictions in/out of the campus at any time, no entry/exit timing restrictions for one's own hostel and the visit to hostels of people of the opposite gender is allowed at all times except 12 midnight to 6am.

This immense freedom also inculcates in students a sense of responsibility and is the driving factor behind the innovation and excellence of the institute.






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