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Football in India, is a game that is played with great enthusiasm by people of all age groups. This is said to be the most popular sport in the world. IIT Kanpur leaves everyone pleased as it offers excellent football facilities in addition to many other sports. The football field is located opposite to the New SAC.

Football in IITK

Football is a very popular game here with the professors and students all taking an equal liking to it. In the evening you can find some dedicated players practicing with rigor as well as some casual players bubbling with energy and kicking the ball around. IIT Kanpur also has an Institute team which has brought many achievements to the Institute.

CPA Trials

The first year students can choose Football as a part of the Compulsory Physical Activities (CPA). During the CPA, students do regular exercise, mock drills and later practice on the field.

Summer Camp

Every year many enthusiastic students participate in the summer camp which takes place in the month of May and June. This gives them a chance to take their game to a whole new level through rigorous training.

Institute Team


The Institute badminton team is a part of the sports contingent of IIT Kanpur. The team represent the institute in various sports events like Udghosh, the Inter IIT Sports Meet and other sports meet all over the country.


We have various events throughout the year that are organized so that all students interested in football. INFERNO INSTITUTE FOOTBALL LEAGUE HALL FOOTBALL LEAGUE JOSH

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