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Football in IITK

Football is a very popular game here with the professors and students all taking an equal liking to it. On most evenings you can find team players practicing with rigor as well as some casual players bubbling with energy and kicking the ball around.

Football Infrastructure at IITK

IITK boasts of very good footballing infrastructure. It has one main football field, which has the facility of floodlights.

Hall 5 has a fairly big football field, along with goal posts. Hall 3 has a small area, where Hall 3 residents play football. Hall 1 also boasts of great field, along with floodlights.

Institute Team

The institute boasts of an excellent team, which recently won the Inter IIT Football Tournament. In the finals, IITK defeated IITB with one goal. The team also takes part in other competitions conducted at IIT Delhi and IIT Varanasi. The institute fields two teams in its own Sports Fest, called Udghosh.

CPA Trials

First year students can choose Football as a part of the Compulsory Physical Activities (CPA). For selection, trials are conducted, in which basic skills such as passing, shooting and dribbling are tested. Once selected, students perform exercises, mock drills and get necessary match practice.

Summer Camp

Every year many enthusiastic students participate in the summer camp which takes place in the month of May and June. This gives them a chance to take their game to a whole new level through rigorous training. This is also the most common way of entering the team.


Various football tournaments are organized throughout the year:

  • Freshers' Inferno

To give the incoming batch a taste of sports at IITK, and to identify new talent, Freshers' Inferno is held at the start of every academic year. This event witnesses good amount of participation as well as viewers thanks to the Hall Executive Committee of all UG halls. The event is managed by seniors of mostly 2nd year. It also gives a very good opportunity to the players who were not able to show their talents in the CPA trials to get into the team.

This is the main inter hall football tournament, which is usually organized in the first month of even semester. This event witnesses participation of not just the first yearites but students of all batches who are currently living or have lived in the hall in their first 3 years. It gives a good opportunity for juniors to interact with the seniors of their halls who share the same passion as them as everyone plays together in the same team. Hall 5 are the previous winners' of Football(Inferno).

Udghosh is IITK's own sports festival. IITK being the host team fields two teams, and has been performing well consistently. Since 2 teams are played by the host it gives a very good chance to the upcoming players who are not yet ready for the first team to get some playing time. This experience is invaluable to them in their future representation of the team.

  • Intra Football League

Some halls of residence also host their own football league, where the residents of hall form teams and battle it out to be crowned the champions, in their respective Hall. This is the event which actually invites the amateaurs to learn and enjoy.

This is essentially an open competition, where anyone can form team and play. There is a nominal registration fee, and it is ensured that each team atleast gets to play a minimum of two matches.

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