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IIT Kanpur has a lot covered in flora and fauna. The green campus offers a perfect environment for wild creatures to thrive in their natural habitat. The natural beauty is what gives a peaceful mind to the students, a feeling to work in a relaxed environment, very much away from the hustle and bustle of city lights.

What if you find a peacock in your garden during the day time? That surely gives one a feel of the natural beauty that exists in this world. One can easily find squirrels, peacocks in the garden or play grounds in any Hall. Monkeys can also be found at early morning roaming across the corridors but be vigilant because they are very mischievous.

As the night kicks in, you have a horde of insects that you can find. But these insects are not very friendly. Cases have been people suffering from insect bites. One avid example is the growing concern of bees and excessive crow nestings. But this is kept monitored by the authorities regularly in a way that affects both the side in a minimal way.

But hang on if you think you saw the best. Snakes! Snakes in backyard or garden are rare but have been observed. Getting weirder it seems, better to leave you with an incident. Near the new core labs, there have been reports that people have seen a beast like an elephant, that the SIS guards claim to be "NIL GAY". Google!

One thing that an IIT Kanpur past student can assure you is a thrilling life at the campus be it in any form!

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