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Flexible electronics deals with assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates. Some of the substrates used are PEEK(Polyether ether ketone), polyimide or polyester film. FPC(Flexible Printed Circuits) are easy to manufacture. Flex circuits are used in computer keyboard. Flexible solar cells are being used in satellites. Because these cells are lightweight and are easily portable. Flexible printed circuits are made with a photolithographic technology. Other way of making flexible circuits is laminating very thin copper strips in between two layers of PET. These PET layers are coated with an thermosetting adhesive which is activated during the lamination process.

Flexible electronics are lightweight, rugged, bendable, rollable, portable, and potentially foldable. Cellular telephones use flexible electronics. Flexible circuits are also used in cameras, personal entertainment devices, calculators, or exercise monitors. Organic light-emitting diodes are used instead of a back-light for flexible displays. In LCDs the substrate used is glass. The different types of flexible circuits are Single-sided flex circuits, Double access or back bared flex circuits, Sculptured flex circuits, Double-sided flex circuits, Multilayer flex circuits, Rigid-flex circuits.

IIT kanpur has a national centre for Flexible Electronics. It was established in 2014. Some of the main objectives of this center is to conduct experiments related to the field of flexible electronics, promote small scale industry related to flexible electronics, build strategic partnerships that speed up the development cycle, undertake human resource development in relevant area. This centre functions as a nodal point in India to bring academics, industry and public research organizations under one umbrella for research and development of large area flexible electronics. Several types of Facilities and Resources are available at the Center such as Printing Facilities for Hybrid processes, Chemical Laboratory, Electrical Measurements, Chemical and Materials Characterization. For more information visit http://www.iitk.ac.in/flexe/

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