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For all the freshers it is always a wonderful experience to get to see the campus the very first time and get excited to watch the beautiful playing ground,beutiful buildings and the very astonishing 6 tennis courts.These things makes people crazy to go out and explore new things.But firstly, on the very first day any fresher have to complete some basic tasks in correct schedule as listed below.


Entrance to the Hall of Residence

After getting to know the respective hall allocated and finally reaching the hall of residence ,firstly the freshers are expected to meet their respective student guide and get to do a good conversation with them.The Student Guide is a part of counselling team at IITK allocated to guide freshers throughout their stay at the campus.The interaction with them includes asking them about the various facilities available at the campus and a brief about the orientation schedule so that they do not miss any important event.Fresher are soon proceeded to their rooms where they go and make sure it is clean with all facilities like hand towel,tube-light etc being properly provided.After being alloted their room freshers usually are ready to buy all the household things they would require.Sometimes in the hurry, they land up somewhere they could not find any good qulity product like Hostel general store for few halls.Shopping complex in the campus is good place to buy these things and also get a new local SIM that most of the freshers won't be having.The campus also has a cycle stall installed near P.E ground every year for the freshers especially.Frshers can buy a new bicycle from there as a lots of variety of cycles are put up their for sale.

Document Verification

Document verification is considered to be the most important work.Student Guides are always very particular about this stuff.Freshers are thus supposed to show thier documents to them to make sure that they have all required documents with them to be needed at time of registration. In case their parents would be leaving the campus that very day making sure to have all required signature in correct documents is also task of the freshers.For some students who wants to apply for education loan can get it done in very less time from the SBI branch in the campus in the presence of their guardians.

Seniors and Wing Interaction

Senior and wing interaction are the two things nobody can live without.These are the two very different group of people that everyone needs to make a good contact with, inorder to get helps and informed about the various things.Interaction with the children that would be staying with him/her in the same wing will make a fresher to get an idea of the people with whom he would be staying.There are various inter-wing events organised for freshers so to be interacted with the wing-buddies makes participation in these events more enjoyable.IITK campus is a ragging free campus as a freshers comes to know after reaching the campus .So interacting with the seniors make the freshers realize more about their future stay at the campus.But a frshers should always be cautious and always be in notce of respective student guide,as they considered as gaurdians and are always present whenever any help is required from them.

Few Campus sites to visit

IITK campus is flooded with beutiful sites to have visit at.Some important sites to have a visit are follows: 1. New Sac and Open Air Theatre 2. Shopping Complex 3. MT 4. P.E Ground 5. Hall of residences 6. CC buiding and NCL 7. Library 8. Main Auditorian 9. Academic Area 10. CCD Freshers can also gather and go on for a small walk through the streets in the campus and get to see these places.The campus is very beutiful and also huge so getting to know few places would really make freshers feel that the they have landed at the correct place in their life and forget about the grief of not getting any other IIT.

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