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Fine Arts Club, IITK is a group dedicated to promoting all aspects of fine arts, including graphic design and visual art. The FAC presents art-related activities throughout the academic year. It is the goal of the Fine Arts Club to bring an active awareness and appreciation of the fine arts on campus and in the community of IITK. Through the creative and intellectual stimulus of student-initiated events, FAC strives to engage, inspire and motivate everyone to participate in the fine arts at IITK. The club is headed by 4 Coordinators, usually students in their third year of study. The coordinators serve a tenure of 1 year and are responsible for the conduction of all the activities as well as managing the finances. The coordinators are assisted by a team of PG mentors as well who are post graduate students. There are around 20-25 Secretaries who work with the Coordinators to ensure smooth conduction of all the activities. They are responsible for the publicity of the events. Usually the secretaries are Undergraduate Sophomores. Other than these people the club has members who participate in various activities conducted by the club and can issue/borrow paints and other materials if they are interested.

FAC logo(source: FAC, IITK)


It is a house to many contemporary and modernist artists primarily in the visual arts. Fine Arts club is dedicated to offering a free and helpful service to the IIT Kanpur campus students and faculty, to those interested in art, providing a showcase for amateur artists. The artworks at FAC range from realism to abstract expressionism, from chalk carvings to wall paintings, from miniature paintings to huge scale backdrops and big structures. Apart from free service the club is also a big platform for those who want to learn and develop skills and ideas. From Fresher's night and Hall festival's to Inter-hall and Institute level festivals and competitions, Fine Arts club is involved heavily in all the institute activities. Apart from these there are regular club activities like workshops , exhibitions and practice sessions to help people showcase their work, learn skills from artists of different genre of arts and also prepare them for on and off campus competitions.


Fresher's Nite

Various Art performances are given by fresher’s batch on this day. Performance include mainly Sand Art and Speed Art. This provides a platform to the fresher’s batch to show their talent and inspire the other fresher’s to join the club.

Art Fest

Art Fest is A new event organized by Fine-Arts Club in 2015. Before the events different structures are made by Fine-Arts Club and installed at different place of campus to publicize the event. This event provides opportunity both senior and junior to perform together.

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