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Films and Media Council intends to cater to the imagination and creativity of the campus junta. It comprises of different clubs to make students capable of expressing themselves through photography, film making, animation, radio jockeying and design. It also raises pressing issues in campus by promoting journalism throught Vox.

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Animation Club

This Club helps students learn how to create their own animations and animated videos, dealing with all aspects of animation from very basics to most technical details involved in the process. Different lectures on 3D game design, special effects and 3D animation are being organized from time to time.

Design Club

Design is such a vast field that it can be used in almost anywhere, from planning a day to wriitng a project report. This club aims at making students a better designer. Reegular lectures and projects on the fundamental concepts of different domains of design such as graphic design, architecture, product, services etc. and various software and tools used in these are being taken.

Film Club

With activities ranging from movie making to video editing, from sizzling ads to catchy trailers, it is one of the most assiduous club. Apart from its own activities, Film club tries to spread its art to the campus community through different lecture series.

Photography Club

This club aims to capture everything, from eye pleasing sights to breath taking instances. Photography club has high grade quipments in terms of digital SLRs and lenses. It has a studio with all professional level setup. It conducts several trips, workshops, lectures and competitions.

Radio 90.4

Radio 90.4 has its own radio station in IIT Kanpur campus. Several workshops on video jockeying, voice modulation, communication skills, script writing and editing of audio clips are held throughout the year.

Student Film Society

This club caters the interest of the people through screening of movies and matches throughout the year.

Vox Populi

Journalism is an integral part of any active community and VOx Populi, the journalist society of the campus come under its aegis. They arrange workshops for VJing and video making through out the year.

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