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IIT Kanpur organises three major annual festivals namely Antaragni, Techkriti and Udghosh. Antaragni is the annual cultural festival, Techkriti the annual technical and entrepreneurial festival and Udghosh the annual sports festival of IIT Kanpur. These festivals are among the biggest of its kind and enjoy massive participation from all over the country. Needless to say, a massive budget is needed to organize these festivals.

Fund Raising

Each festival has its own organizing committee constituted by the students of IIT Kanpur and presided over by a Professor of IIT Kanpur. The organizing committe is divided into a number of teams looking after different aspects of organization. The Marketing team bears the responsibility of raising funds. Each festival has its own organizing committee composed of different sets of students.


The Marketing Team is a three tier body with Head Marketing at the top, Senior Executives in the middle and Junior Executives at the bottom. The work consists of contacting different companies and asking them for sponsorship in return of advertisement and branding of those companies. The fund raising can go for any duration between 6 to 10 months depending on how quickly the goals are met. Contacts are made with new companies as well as older contacts are strengthened as well as cashed upon.

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