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The Electronics Club of IIT Kanpur is one of the oldest and largest clubs under Science and Technology Council. The Electronics Club along with the Robotics Club witnesses the largest participation of students during technical festivals like Takneek, the inter-hall technical festival and Techkriti.

The Electronics Club aims to teach and help people understand the basic working of electronic gadgets. It organizes various lectures and workshops for the same. Various competitions are also organized by the club for the students to showcase their talent. Apart from regular activities, it also organizes Summer camp for the enthusiastic junta to come up gadgets of their own.

Eclub has it own [students.iitk.ac.in/eclub website] and also maintains a facebook page.


Activities of the Club


Electronics Club organizes 3 competition as part of Takneek, the interhall competition of IIT Kanpur. Takneek lasts for 4 days and seee all the pools competing for the takneek trophy.

Electromania:-The competition is open only to first-year students. It focuses on digital electronics and involves a problem statement which generally asks students to implement a game using basic ICs.

Embedded:- This competition is targeted towards second-year students. It involves working with microcontrollers. The competition focuses on using cutting-edge technology like IoT and wearables.

ElectroWhiz:- This is a quiz competition in which teams of 3 participate. The teams should at least have 1 first year student.

Lectures and Workshops

Electronics club conducts lectures and workshop round the year covering various topics of electronics. The lectures are scheduled for first and second-year students. Mostly the lectures occur before Takneek, Techkriti, and the Summer Camp. The lecture slides for the lectures are available on Electronics club website.

Summer Camp

Every year Electronics club conducts projects for first-year students during summer under Science and Technology Council. The duration of the projects is typically 45 days. The projects typically involve a group of 5-6 students working together. The students are expected to submit an abstract for the project that they are going to work on at the end of their second semester. The summer camp ends with presentation and demos by the students.

Students are assured guidance from the Co-ordinators and the Secretaries of the club. They are given a stay permission from the SnT Council. Everybody who manages to complete their summer project is awarded a certificate from the SnT Council. Mostly, it is made compulsory for the secretaries of the club to pursue an Electronics Club project in the summers.

Summer Project.jpg

Winter Camp

Electronics club organizes a 15-day winter camp during the second fortnight of December. The winter camp involves lectures and hands-on session and a hackathon at the end. The camp introduces first-year students to microcontroller and Arduino.

Joining the Club

There is no formal procedure for enrolling into the club. One has to attend lectures/workshops and compete in events organized by the club to become part of it. There is no department or batch restriction for joining the club.

Glimpse of the work done at the Club

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